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Thread: FAQ:Resuming from Hibernation; A beginners guide to Devcon

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    With the silab I've the problem that when I resume from hibernation the radio don't work well. So I tried in this way but the result is the same. Have I done something wrong? Has no one problems with silab when resume from hibernation?

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    if after hibernate you can pull the silab and then plug it back in and everything works fine then Devcon should solve your problem and you have done something wrong.
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    If I pull the silab and plug it back the result is that the pc crashes. I tried with devcon but the result is always that, after an hibernation, I have to restart riderunner to use the silab, otherwise it seems that the frequences that it takes are wrong and I listen to strange radio instead of other.

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    Is there a way of doing this under windows 7 64 bit.


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    Never thought I'd have the guts to dive into Devcon, but using this tutorial made it easy. The only difference I noticed was the "COMPILE" section, mine didn't bring up a separate box, rather it showed it at the bottom of the same script editor screen. However, to get my slim usb DVD drive to enable upon resume I had to disable and enable through a USB hub by disabling and enabling the hub itself and not the drive. Worked like a charm!

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    does anyone know if this work with standby mode? not hibernate... I like standby mode on my carpc as it only take about 8-10 seconds start running again (centrafuse starts playing music).. 8 times out of 10 coming out of standby everything work ( touch screen, joycon USB device etc.) but those other 2 times, the touch screen does not respond or the joycon device.... those are what im having problems with at the moment
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