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Thread: FAQ: How much do car PC's cost?

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    Im right around the 1500$ point like he stated above, and have almost all if not everything he listed. I havent put my system in yet, but it will include a mac mini that i have (spent roughly 600 on it specifically for this, but havent gotten around to doing the carpc so ive been using it around the house), im getting a 7 or 8 inch touch which i see running roughly 3-400 new, factor in cables and power supply, maybe some new dash pieces to have the originals, and ill be about there. Im going to be doing the install myself, and this could actually end up a couple hundred cheaper give or take, because ill be using the stock audio system ect. Its not too shabby as is, 13 speaker kicker system with the sub thats optional on the srt cars. It does the trick haha.

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    i also want to build a car PC system in my new car. My friend told me it won't cost too much, not so terrible. Is it right?.....

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