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Thread: Hardware Review: T-view T92VGA

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    Does it come with any warranty?

    I am thinking to buy the tview t92vga as well. How is the quality so far? Does it come with any warranty. Thanks!

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    I am new and I am also interesred in this screen. Actually, does anyone already open the screen and does anyone know the size of the LCD panel and who makes the LCD panel?

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    Im glad some one finally did some kind of review on the Tview. (Some one might have before) Im in the process of doing my third CarPC install and this is the second time I have used a Tview. I bought a 7" touchscreen model and its a little bulky for my taste compared to the 8" I used last time but its a really nice monitor. My touchscreen is fine, havent ran into any issues with either of them. Just because its a bargain on ebay doesnt always mean its complete garbage. I think the Tview is really one of those cases. Both of the ones I have owned came from ebay and they have both been awesome.

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    Hey thats the same screen ive got!

    I liked it a lot, 9.2 inch was great and not expensive. Its not too good in the sunlight, could be brighter. I think i have a Hertz problem though because the screen has a faint scanning line that moves from the top to the bottom. It's a bit thicker than i'd hoped and once i figured out the odd wiring configuration it was no problem.

    I mounted my screen as a flipdown and the screen hit my gearshift lever a few times but still worked normal. I stopped driving the car for a few months and then when i went back the calibration is an inch or so off at around the spot at which it hit the gearshift, so I can't exactly reach all parts of the screen. Not really a problem so much for me because i just really use iTunes and MS streets&trips. But surfing the web is a problem. Also touching the far edges of the screen seem a bit hard to do.

    I guess the screen isnt the most durable, but then again it is really my fault too.
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    Pyle plhr9tsb

    am thinking about buying one but do i need a computer to work the dives ?

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