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Thread: Hippo HiFi Bloat USB DAC Review

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    hippo hifi

    I also just purchased one myself so here is my 2 cents worth, i also went for the upgrades including the RCA outputs. As mentioned its small and easy to set up.

    First thing i noticed is the power output: my last deck was an alpine with (claimed) 4v output i used to run my DLS 1000 RMS watt sub amp at full gain i now have my gain on 50% with the same power of bass being produced.

    The output from the bloat is very powerful and the quality is amazing, the sound stage it produces is amazing the stage is very wide and clear with definition and depth at all levels. With the volume anywhere from low to loud the definition of sound quality is truly amazing.

    There is absolutely no interference or unwanted sound, only what should be there is present.

    Being just a DAC only there is no noticeable resource drain what so ever on the CPU.

    I live in Australia myself so the item took less than 1 week from my transfer to receiving it in the post. There was a slight delay due to a manufacturing delay, but i was kept up to date a compensated in price for this.

    From day 1 of even considering having a carPC with no head unit i was concerned about sound quality and the bloat has truly exceeded my expectations. The sound quality is FAR better than any CD head deck i have ever owned. The asking price is extremely good value for such a high quality item.

    I would recommend this item to anyone, any questions what so ever PM me if you like

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    That'd be even cooler if it were firewire.

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    I asked. The answer was that firewire is not possible with this design. USB works great, though.
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    user HippoHiFi posted in the thread about USB DACs or Audio over Firewire v. USB thread and explained why Firewire wasn't used iirc.
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    Please post on the forums! Chances are, someone else has or will have the same questions as you!

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