This product is amazing. Before I did this, I was using the onboard audio on my VIA board. My CarPC audio sounded worse than my stock stereo did. It annoyed me and sometimes gave me a headache. Most of the time, I did not listen to any music.

I purchased this item for $60.00 shipped from a member on the classifieds. This price I paid was well worth it. Before, the sound was so horribly distored, I would turn on the radio and people would make fun of my Carputer. Not anymore! This DAC made the sound crystal clear even through my factory speakers.

The installation was easy. It was simply plug-and-play. No drivers had to be installed. I didn't even mount it down, I just slid it under my drivers seat.

I would recommend this upgrade to anyone with a carputer. Do it BEFORE you buy new speakers so you don't damage your speakers with the distortion from the on-board audio.

Now.. the pictures you've been waiting for. I couldn't wait to install it, so I didn't take pictures until it was installed under my seat.

Tremendously increases sound quality
Small, easy to hide
RCA Output -> Easy to connect to amp
Low power usage, works off of my unpowered USB hub

Only one RCA Output