I just built myself a new CarPC for my08 scion xB.

Here is my review of the Jetway 1.2ghz motherboard.

M3-atx pico 12w power supply

Morex 5677 mini-itx case with internal ac/dc power supply for bench testing.

I installed 1gb stick of RAM i got from Newegg for $20 and I had a sata 500gb 3.5 hard drive.

The case is a very nice clean piece. It takes alot of mini phillips screws to get it apart. The motherboard fit perfect and the case came with standoffs.

m3-atx is a marvel to me. How they can make such a small perfect design to power 125w dc/dc.
One thing i dont like it how the power to the single molex is soldered onto the mainboard of the pico PS. If say it wiggles to much i could see it snapping off the post. But its fine for now.
ALso i was ****ed it didnt come with the custom programming "serial" cable.
I had to order that seperate form another retailer and pay $7.50 to ship this tiny azz cable.

The motherboard seems like a quality piece. It boots quick and i havent had any issues. I LOVE the 8 USB ports. There are 6 USB headers i had to buy additional header to usb cables but well worth it.. WE all know how hard it is to get usb devices to work off a non powered usb hub.
Running lite skins everything is blazing fast for a 1.2ghz MB. But i am using digitalFX 3 right now and it shows a constant 50% at least just runnnig music. When i start hopping around the skin it maxs out at 100% all the time which slows all kinds of the stuff down. I havent been able to get the VIDEO output to display onto my 2nd monitor though, i think its a wiring issue into my headunit. Well see...

I chose the case over the Voompc2 case because it came with a ac power supply and power brick for bench test and to build the OS.
I like knowing i can easily pull the case from the car and start it right up on my desk.

Motherboard, case, and power supply set me back $350 from Logicsupply.com. I almost bought from Ebay but i emailed them all first to see who responded to my questions quickly and with a real answer.

The ebay guy took like 4 days to even reply with asking me a question... + they logicsupply had a real telephone number and the sales tech was knowledable and understanding.

My 3.5" hard drive would never even come close to fitting into the case. I actually have it attached to the top of the case on foam hot glued down..

I am happy with my purchase so far.

If anyone has any questions on my items please feel free to ask. I did read some of the other post on mp3car about the jetways sucking and bunch of them being DOA... i was lucky ..or maybe just followed the directions better