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Thread: Hosa ODS-330 Optical (Toslink) 2-way switcher

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    Hosa ODS-330 Optical (Toslink) 2-way switcher

    Hardware Review: HOSA ODS-330

    What it is/does: 2-input/1-output optical (SPDIF) switcher

    Reviewed by: rgarjr
    Manufacturer : Hosa
    Model: ODS-330
    Specs: 2 inputs, 1 output
    Price: $40.00 range
    Rating: 10/10
    Manufacturer website:
    Purchased at:

    This is perfect for those of you who have sound cards with 1 optical input (mostly all have just 1 input) and would like to use 2 devices that output optical.

    This device can be modified for a remote switch easily. Can also be powered with unregulated 12VDC.

    Here's an example of how I have mine setup..

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    hi, do you know if i could get this unit working in the UK..... beacause the voltage in the US is 120V and the voltage in the UK is 230V
    could i just plug in a british 9VAC power adaptor into this and get it working in the UK or would i take me to get a voltage convertor....

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