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Thread: Logitech Nulooq

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    Logitech Nulooq


    So i've had the powermate, and the SN.

    I can honestly say this ugly little device blows them all away.

    1) Reliable drivers.
    2) Easy to configure (less than 10 mins, this thing is made for rr)

    I have it working exactly the way I want.
    Nudge up = Phoco
    Nudge Down=Audio
    Nudge Right = Main menu
    Nudge left = GPS

    Scroll wheel scrolls tracks, while the buttons are enter, and enable the playlist to be browsed.

    Survives hibernate...

    It's not as unforgiving as the PM, and the SN is just too damn sensitive, with a steep learning curve.

    However it _IS_ ugly but replaces the SN hole perfectly. Just dbl sided taped it's heavy *** down.


    painting doesnt affect the nav ring...

    its now titan silver

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    Did you just tape it down, or would you recommend recessing it?

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    I decided that I didn't want the lower ring (it chatters like an SOB in my truck), so I pulled the whole unit apart and mounted the top portion in the center console. Painted it black with a textured finish as well.

    There are good take apart instructions and pics here:
    NuLooq - Take Apart Details

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    i know this is a really old thread but machinehead, do you have a pic of your install? im interested in seeing how this looks flush mounted
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    Sorry it's taken me so long to respond scott. I need to clean up my install a little, a section of the pain chipped off. I'll get you some pics soon.

    As an aside, I'm not 100% thrilled with the Nulooq, over half the time it doesn't come up on boot and I have to disconnect and reconnect the device to get it working.

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