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    Hardware Review

    WDC 10k RPM 2.5In 150 / 300 gb drive.

    Here's a short review

    Here's the drive

    Ok being a bootup freak i've done CF expermentation, as well as solid state drive experimentation.

    CF was unstable at times, and I didn't like configuring HORM, and EWF.

    SSD has fast boot, but slow read times (this affects hibernate resume).

    So i tried this baby and BAM, fast EVERYTHING.
    Startup - full XP 6 seconds from XP splash direct boot to roadrunner.

    Hibernate resume is around 7-8 as well.

    SSD was at least 10. I know the 3 second dif ain't much. but every little bit helps.

    It's an awesome Mofo.

    Highly reccomended.

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    I would have thought the newer SSDs have faster read speeds that should improve resume from hibernation times, like the Mtron or OCZ Core Series. Which SSD did you test out?

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