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Thread: Mini 2ch 100watt amp

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    Mini 2ch 100watt amp

    So i was at the local shop the other day and the sales guy shows me these new amps they just got in. He said they have been installing them on motorcycles and they scream. So for $50 each id thought i get a few in test them out to see what they are about.

    I hooked them up to a set of Massive Audio CK 5.25 components and Massive Audio TK 6x9 2ways. Which require about 75w normally to run them. The amps did a great job delievering enough power to them at any level volume. Didnt really experience any distortion or clipping until very high level of vol for a few seconds. There werent many knobs to adjust, just gain and hp/lp/off filter. Running the speakers off the amp instead of a aftermarket radio i did notice a significant difference in volume level. The treble was clear and the mid-bass way good. Nothin crazy but enough that i was impressed with the sound out of these small amps.

    For this little package, these things do scream. They are great. You can tuck them behind the dash, in the glove box, under a seat, in a center console. Wherever. Also they hook up using just 14ga wire. Which means you can hook them up to your factory wiring anywhere in the car without having to run an amp kit of any sort.

    I am currently selling these 2 that i used for testing if any body wants them. I can get more also if you guys have a high demand for them.
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    Well open them up and you will see that the output circuit is the same of a car radio, you are looking at 2*10 watts RMA - MAX!

    It's not the watts that play loud, it's the power supply capabilities and the speaker sensivity.

    It's not 100 watts any way in hell.

    // Per.

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