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Thread: List of Carputer/Car Audio Equipment Sites

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    Post List of Carputer/Car Audio Equipment Sites

    I figured i'd make a thread that had a list of all the carputer equipment sites with good customer service and good products.

    Mobile Computing Soltuion

    I've dealt with these guys a lot and they are always striving to make better products and to accomodate you in every way. Even if you need something special they may be able to help


    I've never bought anything from them but i asked them a question about one of their products and how to install it and they gave me a how to with pictures and all the help i could imagine. These guys are EXCELLENT!!!!

    Logic Supply

    I've bought two motherboard from these guys and it was shipped in a very timely manner. I haven't had direct contact but everything they sent me has worked great.

    I've heard a lot of bad things about mp3cars store but i must say i've never had a problem. They may have forgotten a cable but then they send it 1 day mail. They've always answered emails pretty fast for me. Prices are pretty decent too.


    Never dealt with them but they have some great products.


    I bought a transflective screen from them and the shipment was really fast even though it can from Europe. I think i got it in like 2 days. Very inexpensive and they make GREAT products. The screen i got was spectacular just hard to take apart.

    Sonic Electronix

    Great prices and their personnel go out of their way to keep you happy. They don't sell carputer stuff but they sell car audio equipment.

    This has been my experiences. I hope it helps and if anyone wants to add anything please do.

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    Well here is my 2 cents.....

    Bought an in-dash motorized lcd touch display with fm radio and remote

    After 2 or 3 months display no longer worked... contacted the company and they indicated they only offer a one month warranty... They where nice enough to send out a new main board for me to replace myself. Upon opening the unit there was a metal plate that had screws come out and apparently shorted the unit and also damaged the motor wires and the company said they are new units... Well after replacing the main board after another month passing the display will not fully retract in the unit. They no longer have the model I purchased on their website but I paid $340.00 for a piece of junk....

    The computer unit was purchased from and works GREAT!!!! No problems

    USB Fm Radio Made the mod to hook it to a car antenna not great signal but not bad considering I live in the Catskill Mountains in NY
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    The display I bought from them took another dump on me... Now I have no display
    Criminals do not die by the hands of the law. They die by the hands of other men.
    George Bernard Shaw

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