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Thread: Ebay carputers from MO-SO-CO reveiw

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    Talking Ebay carputers from MO-SO-CO reveiw

    Hello, This is intended to try to help those who i have seen consistently post about carputer set-ups they see on ebay. (I will admit that i almost did too more so to see peoples experience with the company tho). and because you here at this forum have helped so much here's to hoping i can contribute. Sorry if this is long intend to be as in depth as possible.

    What i got:
    Intel atom 330 1.6ghz
    2gb ram
    250 gb hard drive
    m2-atx power supply
    built in bluetooth
    all in mobile black box case upgraded to pci case
    Purchased the ac power adapter so that i could work on it inside
    Also purchased a lilliput eby701 led touch screen already disected to a double din casing
    with all cables and screen protector

    PRICE- Grand total of $598.00-Shipped I had searched around and found all the parts i wanted including new egg. Found this carputer on ebay not only was it exactly everything that i was going to put in my custom build but i quickly found that it was a lot cheaper than what my total was... (And believe me i shopped around, i'm a cheap bastard, i want quality at the best price i can find) and i didnt have to even mess with putting it together- except for throwing in my own sound card.

    Shipping and build time- I paid for the item on a tuesday, ups was knocking on my door thursday morning. granted he is in philadelphia and I'm about 3 hours away but very fast build and shipping. This was awesome... when i buy something i am like a kid on christmas eve.... I want it now.

    Build quality- I am very happy with how this is put together. All the driver disc are sent with it which makes installing an os breeze. But they take it further-There are drivers on the disc for things i might add in the future like gps obd ans such. Thats awesome.

    And most importantly- Customer service-
    I Am so happy with Chris and the guys at mo-co-so. I started talking with him last year like march 2009 through ebay asking him all kinds of things just to get an idea as i wasnt quite ready to buy (Though i didnt think it would take this long, but economy sucks) and he answered all my questions very fast and very clearly, When i didnt understand something he would explain it until i did.
    quick story- i got the computer at my house and had been up for about 36 hours so i get it and started trying to put my sound card in. Using a precision screwdriver i started trying to take the screws out got one out but the other ones were right on the edge of coming out but started to strip... So i shoot chris an email something to the effect of "Hey what you guys use to put these screws in they are all striping!" while waiting the 3 mins for a reply i grab my klein #2 and low and behole they magically come out no problems.

    Chris responds- just a standard #2 screwdriver if you need more screws let me know.- He was going to send me more screws for nothing just because i am an idiot.... Yes they are cheap but its the point of it... i personally would have said... thats why you should of let us put our sound card in. but i was really happy about the way it was handled.

    Story 2 couldnt get the drivers to load.... call chris.... tells me to put the intel disc in ( i had already done this but found i clicked the wrong thing) low and behold.... It magically works... Again it was not so much that he helped me but how it was handled that impressed me. (In my idiotic defense... at this point it has been like 48 hours on 3 hours of sleep)

    I now have messed up my include screen protector that came with my lilliput and shot him an email (though they are closed for the weekend) and told him what happen asked how much for a new one. While i am willing to pay it would would not suprise me if he sends me one at no charge. simply because i get the vibe that they really enjoy the hobby and want to not only sell things but help others enjoy the hobby as well.

    Long story short- Carputer is in the process of being set up with front end and what not before install in my car, i am very happy with the product and very very happy with the customer support. (So much so that i am writing this review, as ebay alllows i think 80 characters) I would and will be buying from them again for my next builds. And you should not hesitate to do so either. sorry for the length hope i have helped somebody

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    Me too.

    I bought mine more than a year ago and could not be happier with the service, equipment and price.

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