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Thread: Anyone got or used the "Parrot ASTEROID"

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    Anyone got or used the "Parrot ASTEROID"

    was looking at crutchfield today when I seen this, Parrot ASTEROID. It looks like a great product., Any seen or used one of these before?

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    So I just went ahead and ordered one, I installed it in about 30 mins and the 15 mins I got to play with it since I installed it I have to say, It performs extremly well! The voice features on it, are on point you say a song it reads it off the hard drive and starts to play it! I will update with A video and Pictures 2morrow when its sunny.

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    I had a few hours to play with it at CES this year. Absolutely LOVED it. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    hi, do you plan on connecting a usb gps puck to this device?
    i am curious as to how it works!

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    Your'e the first person that I have heard of that has the thing...I always thought it was a really neat idea!

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    i installed one in a customers car and played with for about an hour i have to say the FM/AM clarity is ridiculous it's crystal clear where i was in nj. and also i wa inside a garage at the time when testing it out. it's great if u own an upper end android phone which supports tethering ,which BTW thats how you get your google maps and other streaming features to work. it will also work with iphone but u have to have tethering enabled on your phone too.they are coming out with a DDin version of the radio later this year i believe and also a stand alone monitor unit.

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