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Thread: hey guys loooking into a minimalist case which one?

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    hey guys loooking into a minimalist case which one?

    hey sup all!

    im looking to making a carpcs like everyone else here. but i need to start with the case. i was looking a round and have not found one i really like.

    i was hoping someone of you all can post up pics or links to ones they might think i would like.

    the one im looking for would be a simple minimalist case. something that will allow a dvd drive. something very simple looking but functional. nothing large either. a basic box shape would be great with fins for cooling.


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    I am using a voom2pc case for the carpc I am building now, but I used a double din for my first carpc.

    The voom2pc case looks like a car audio amp and can hold a thin mini-itx board, slim dvd, and laptop hard drive or ssd.

    Did you look at the choices at the mp3car store yet?

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    I have a mo-co-so black box and is great with lots of options, I used to have a voom 2 pc case but sadly I needed space for 2 HDD.

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    This is what Im using. It has been on sale on Newegg for as little as 35 dollars.
    Has a slimline dvd slot, but i dont use it. just got this one bc it had more room inside and was half the price of the smaller ones. as a plus, if you take out the power button and the two standoffs that hold it, an M2 power supply will fit perfectly, albeit very tightly, where the cheapo psu that comes with it went. use a pci or pcie external riser and run the cord out of one of the supplied holes and you have a sound card out of the psu and cpu fan noise. It might be kind of stuffy inside for more powerful processors. My core 2 duo e6750 tends to thermally throttle from time to time. if you can put some kind of fan or a water cooler on your processor you could alleviate this. You may also need a low profile cooler if you intend to use the dvd player slot, but there is a fair amount of clearance. room for two ssds if you have a low profile cooler, three, if you dont use the dvd drive slot. overall, id give it 9/10. the soft aluminum makes mods easy to swing. I used the hole left by the power button to run all my power wires through.

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