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Thread: hey guys loooking into a minimalist case which one?

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    hey guys loooking into a minimalist case which one?

    hey sup all!

    im looking to making a carpcs like everyone else here. but i need to start with the case. i was looking a round and have not found one i really like.

    i was hoping someone of you all can post up pics or links to ones they might think i would like.

    the one im looking for would be a simple minimalist case. something that will allow a dvd drive. something very simple looking but functional. nothing large either. a basic box shape would be great with fins for cooling.


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    I am using a voom2pc case for the carpc I am building now, but I used a double din for my first carpc.

    The voom2pc case looks like a car audio amp and can hold a thin mini-itx board, slim dvd, and laptop hard drive or ssd.

    Did you look at the choices at the mp3car store yet?

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    I have a mo-co-so black box and is great with lots of options, I used to have a voom 2 pc case but sadly I needed space for 2 HDD.

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