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Thread: My BU303 vs. Rikaline 6010 Review

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    I wouldnt e-mail sellers and do off-ebay purchases.... listing on e-bay only costs like 3 bucks so it isnt worth the risk... Unless he has a real online-store or something elsewhere...

    I once bought an item off e-bay, then repeated THE SAME transaction for a second item, off e-bay, and the guy never sent me the second one saying "I didnt win any auctions", (We had agreed by e-mail and I sent the money)

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    Thanks Nico3k for the review! I think I'm going to get the Rikaline this week.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nico3k
    I emailed one of the people on ebay who were selling it for 55$, and he sent it to me for 60$ SHIPPED. I thought this was a great deal.
    yeah that was a good idea... i was only worried about buying stuff without ebay involved... heard some horror stories...
    plus ebay is good & bad... i did bid on one... but once it passed 44$(plus the 13.95 shipping) turned out to cost more...

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