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Thread: My BU303 vs. Rikaline 6010 Review

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    My BU303 vs. Rikaline 6010 Review

    I own both the BU-303, and now the Rikaline 6010 USB GPS recievers. I thought I would post a little review.

    First impressions:
    BU-303 - Great looking GPS. Very nice and small. Happy with the reception and accuracy. Price was alright (80$ shipped).
    Rikaline 6010 - GPS is pretty small. Doesn't look quite as nice as the BU303, but not bad. The reception and accuracy seems to be a bit better than the BU303, but not by much. Price was CHEAP. Only paid 60$ shipped! Great bang for the buck.

    Here you can see them both next to each other.

    To give you an idea of how small they are.

    Both GPS recievers have a magnetic base for easy vehicle attachment. I noticed that the Rikaline had a better magnetic base and stuck to my metal desk harder (and didn't move as much) than the BU-303.

    Here are the 2 GPS's with USB cable in length. The BU303 USB cable is about 5 feet long and the Rikaline is about 1 1/2 foot longer. One thing I did not like about the Rikaline is that there is a small box (my guess is that it is a USB>SERIAL controller or something) in between the usb cable (look at the pic). It may interfere when running the USB cable through thin holes in the car.

    It seems that the Rikaline has slightly better performance. When hanging both recievers out the window, they both got 5 satellite locks. Not bad considering my roof is partially in the way of the sky. The Rikaline had 9 more satellite connection points (signal strength).

    BU-303 (181 points)

    Rikaline 6010 (190 points)

    The Rikaline has a slightly more accurate altitude and acknowledged that there are 5/11 satellites instead of 5/10.

    Here are the reset times I got for both recievers:

    Rikaline 6010
    Hot Reboot - 7 Seconds
    Warm Reboot - 38 Seconds
    Cold Reboot - 45 Seconds

    Hot Reboot - 8 Seconds
    Warm Reboot - 38 Seconds
    Cold Reboot - 50 Seconds

    They are both pretty close to the factory spec times. The only realistic pros and cons of both are that the BU-303 looks better (but is more expensive), and the Rikaline is cheaper (but doesn't look AS good [still pretty nice and small]), and has a tiny performance advantage.

    In conclusion, they are both great GPS recievers. Spending more money on the BU-303 doesn't mean you will get a better performing GPS. They are both great and use the same USB-to-Serial virtual driver. The BU303 driver works with the Rikaline and vice versa. I have tested them with iGuidance 2.0 and Destinator 2 and they work perfectly fine.

    Hope this helps for people who are trying to decide what to buy.


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    This is awsome. Great job, man! I own a BU-303, and now I'm sorry I spent 20$ more on it.

    Naa, just kidding, I'm not. It looks great in my car...

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    Very NICE review...I'm quite happy with my BU303

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    awesome, great work. needs to be sticky!
    S60 Install

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    Yes it should be a sticky. It would be great if everybody on this forum who can get their hands on simiar products could do such reviews.
    Again, nice work!

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    I paid $51 on one of my BU-303s and $59 on the other. Both off of ebay on the same day.
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    Thanks guys.
    Yeah I think I got a little ripped off on the BU303 but it works great.
    I will probably write a review on the Digimoto vs Autoenginuity once I get the autoenginuity system.

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    Very nice and thorough review

    seems like there were identical situations, eliminating the need for conjecture..

    I have a BU-303 and appreciate the work you have done here on this review.

    One small question, I assume that the car was stationary during both examples.
    It seems that the Lat varied, but the Longitude was the same.. do you know which one was more correct ??


    Admin: this should be a sticky

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    Nice review, I was thinking of buying one of the Rikalines!
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    perfect review,, now we need a rikaline vs holux review

    ill do one if anyone donates a holux 8-0
    throw a moon

    heuvos vin chevos

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