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Thread: LinITX 7" Screen Mini Review

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    LinITX 7" Screen Mini Review

    I just though I would let everyone know what I think of these screens:


    800 x 600 looks excellent as does 1024 x 768
    Easy to install with good drivers and utils
    Fairly bright and readable in sun light
    Great colour representations
    Case is very OEM looking
    Has 1 VGA and 2 AV inputs
    No flicker even at 60Mhz
    Touch screen works fantasticaly even at really high res
    You get a headrest mount that can be moulded in to the dash


    Buttons look and feel cheap
    No auto on feature
    Cables come out of the bottom
    The writing on the top of the screen looks tacky


    I am very impressed with this screen, I am glad Scouse Monkey talked me out of getting a Lilliput and pointed me in the directon of the LinITX. I think the price of this screen indicates where it fits in to the market. I think this is probably the mid range screen not quite as good as a Gain but a hell of a lot better than a Lilliput. Just depends if you want to spend the extra $$$ to get a slightly better screen.

    I would definatly reccomend this to anyone looking at a Lilliput who can stump up the extra £40 you wont be dissapointed

    P.s I know Confused has done a very good full review but It is always good to get a different point of view
    256Mb, PIII 533 on a Hyph01 PCI sized mobo (Lan/Sound/GFX)
    M1-ATX PSU
    250GB Hdd

    Haicom GPS
    Belkin Wireless

    Installed in an old NTL box, (best thing for it)

    LinITX 7"

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    You forgot to mention the lack of autos switch to AV input from VGA, wich is a major problem if you have a rearview camera...

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