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Thread: Pyle 7" Double Din LCD Review

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    Yeah, its composite. I bought a $5 agp video card off of ebay that has an rca out and enough performance to play videos and do gps.

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    Is it possible that RoadRunner can control the FM tuner?

    I assume the 40W is max power?

    Biostar M7NCG 400 ver 7.2 AMD Mobile Athlon 1.1GHz (@ 1GHz), Kingston PC2700 512mb WD 80gig HD Custom Case Opus 150W PS Lilliput 7" TS D-Link DBT-120 BT D-Link DWL-G122 WiFi Holux GR-231 GPS nLited XP Pro iGuidance RoadRunner frontend

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    I hate digging threads out of the grave, but I have an update on why it needs to be reset. Apparently, this is a problem with more than just this unit- it seems that when Pyle makes head units (they are manufactured by the same company that makes some of the other cheapo head units on the market), they all have a chance at having this happen.

    It seems to be from cranking. Now, I turn the screen off when I shut the car off, and then turn it back on after I have the engine running- it hasn't needed to be reset in a month and a half. There are a few reviews of other head units on the internet that said they needed to be reset often if you crank with it on.

    So, if you don't mind turning the unit on and off by yourself, you can save a bunch of money on a unit.

    I finally have my CarPC running- since it has only an RCA connector, the resolution is pretty low, but when using a front end (media car) with the resolution set to 640x480, you can't even tell. It looks great with music and movies. I haven't set up the gps or any other apps, but I'm confident.

    Oh, and to the comment about the fm tuner- it cannot be controlled by anything other than a remote, but then you have to be in radio mode, which is ugly (see above pic). I'm just going to use a USB radio.

    I also assume that 40 watts is the max power. I think my Lincoln has an external amp, because it sounds wonderful and gets very loud without distorting. The bass sounds great too, with only 6x9's, which leads me to my belief about an amp.

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