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Thread: Hardware Review: DWW-700H First Impressions

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    Quote Originally Posted by walky_talky20 View Post
    I noticed that too, but thought it was just my old rattley car that was just plain too rattley. I usually just turn it a bit to the left or right, until one of the top corners contacts the dashboard. You may be able to take it apart and find somewhere to stick some kind of bushing in somewhere, I haven't taken mine apart. If you find a good solution, be sure and post it.
    the thing is, i think its more of the problem of the screen shaking inside the plastic housing, not the unit itself shaking. my screen is already installed and i dont want to take it all apart and stuff. but i am thinking that sooner or later i might take it out cause its getting really annoying.

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    DWW-700H - Mac support?

    Have any mac users out there tried this? Is it possible to get touchscreen drivers for this monitor on a mac?

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    looks like a great product for the price. This or xenarc..hmm.. decisions, decisions...

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    Just a word of note - not 100% but I thing I started getting recent touch screen probs when I changed my M2 from 5/45 Sec off to 30/2hrs off - ( if thats right ) - any way put it back today just to see what happernes.

    If so its some thing to do with it been powered up on the USB port still that stops it been seen.

    Logged her for others to see


    PS Has any one tried the new TS drivers from Eglax - does this fix the hibernate issue at all ? Not tried as I did not want to fiddle

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