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Thread: Hardware Review: K500

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    Post Hardware Review: K500

    Well I decided to go for the CarTFT K500 and now I've had it a few weeks, thought I'd bash out a quick review.

    Firstly, these aren't cheap but the question is, are they worth it?!

    Let me start with the connections. The wiring loom that comes with this needs connecting manually, not difficult if you are handy with electrics and have the (essential for CarPC work) soldering iron and multi-meter.
    The biggest drawback on these is that they only have speaker level outputs, and no rca pre-outs. If, like most people, you are running your speakers from amps this creates a bit of a problem getting a decent sound from the radio. I found the easiest way was to use an active crossover which takes both high and low level inputs and connect the computer to the low and the K500 to the high.
    The sound is still not great from the radio and the signal isn't as good as my old Sony HU (with the exact same aerial input).
    As for the screen itself, this is great. The touch interface works perfectly and the picture is clear and sharp and remarkably resistant to glare. It also allows you to adjust the viewing angle, but only horizontally. It 'remembers' the angle too so next time you open it, it'll be the same.

    The unit has connections for parking brake and reversing too so if you have a reversing camera you can hook this up so it automatically switches to the camera when you throw the car into reverse.

    The unit looks fairly bland when it's closed but I like that as it makes it less appealing to your opportunist thief. It also needs a bit of modifying and brute force to get it to sit properly flush in your dash.

    All in all, I'd say this unit is great as an in-dash touch-screen but if you want quality radio, you'd be better off going for a computer based solution until they at least get some RCA pre-outs onto this.

    If anyone has any questions about the K500 I'll try to help.
    VIA M10000
    512Mb RAM
    30Gb 2.5" HDD
    Bluetooth, 802.11g, GPS
    Silverstone USB DAC
    Consult (ODB)
    CarTFT K500
    Carnetix P1290
    NLited XP with Road Runner and MapMonkey

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    Good writeup!
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

    Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.

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    I've just bought one and going to fix it as soon as possible and let you guys know

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    Installed it yesterday but it's not easy. The manual a quite small and not clear. I had to solder some wires but didn't know wich wires so I had to test it. I connected the ACCON wire to the memory 12V and the 2 yellow to the 12V and the 2black to the Ground. I don't know if this is right but it works. When I let the radio autosearch for a channel it doesn't find anything. When I set the channel manual it works great but I don't get the name of the channel in my screen.

    Is there a way to get the autosearch working?
    Is there a way to get the channel name on the display (RDS)?

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    anyone have a manual for this monitor? cheers!

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    can anyone tell me what the 'park' and 'remote' wires do? cheers

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