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Thread: Hardware Review: Overdue M2ATX review

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    Hardware Review: Overdue M2ATX review

    Ill make this short and sweet as much has been written about this powersupply already. I was luck enough to receive a free m2atx which was a test unit, this worked out well as the m1atx that i purchased just weeks before was dead and i wasnt happy with an inverter.

    i have the powersupply mounted in an htpc case and i mounted a pc fan to the side panel above it to help with heat.

    As can be seen by the hardware im running (see signature) its being driven pretty hard, also during summer the temperature where i live gets high with high humidty. During summer i put my digital thermometer in my car and the cabin reached 75 degrees celsius and went down to only 60 while moving and even under these extreme conditions the m2atx has not once let me down.

    To finish up i cannot fault this item and would recommend it to anyone building a carpc, if anyone wants any further information i will try to answer as best i can.

    picture shows m2atx mounted at bottom.
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