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Thread: Hardware Review: Dynamix 7" 706 WS TS VGA

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    Hardware Review: Dynamix 7" 706 WS TS VGA

    No pictures...yet

    Hardware Review: Dynamix 706, 7" Widescreen Touchscreen VGA monitor

    What it is/does: LCD monitor

    Reviewed by: DodgeCummins
    Manufacturer : Dynamix
    Model: 706
    * Display 7" screen TFT-LCD (Auto Power On)
    * Backlight Built in CCFT
    * Resolution 640*480
    * High Resolution 1600 x 1200
    * Supported Resolution 640 x 480 ~ 1600 x 1200
    * Physical Resolution 800 (H) x 480 (V)
    * Dot Resolution 2400 x 480 = 1,152,000 (dots)
    * Supported Voltage 11V DC ~ 24V DC
    * Brightness Rating 400cd/m
    * Contrast Radio 150
    * Video Input System NTSC/PAL Auto switching
    * Power Source DC 12V 10%
    * Operation Temperature 20 C to +78 C
    * Color Figuration Stripe
    * Dot Pitch 0.107 (H) * 0.732 (V)
    * View angle L/R/T/B 55/55/10/30
    * New Auto Reversing Input
    Price: $182 off ebay...$279 at website.
    Rating: 9/10
    Manufacturer website:
    Purchased at: ebay
    Pros: Very bright, works exactly as you'd expect
    Cons: Owner/installation manual truly is crap...and I actually wish I could lower the brightness a bit more at night.
    Pictures: none yet...but the web site has them.

    I needed a screen that would fit in the hole in the dash I already had, and allow room for me to adjust the tilt etc. for best viewing angle/least glare.

    That is why I picked this one over the larger ones.

    It works great out of the box, plug it in and go. It displays whatever resolution happens to be plugged simply rescales the image. But I use Powerstrip to output the native 800x480.

    I have only been using the monitor in my truck for a few days, but so far there are zero surprises. The touchscreen obviously is more accurate with a pointing device or fingernail, but a finger works fine also.

    The software installed without a problem on win2k, and it includes a little utility that you can select from the tool tray that gives you a right click option, small and quick. There are different levels of calibration available, but I only did the 4 point...and just for fun, it was already accurate enough.

    For power I have it plugged into my computer powersupply (opus 120). The box included a wall wart, and a lighter socket plug. It will auto turn on/off with VGA signal.

    In addition there are 2 (I think only two...I had better go look) Composite inputs...and like the other screens, there is a wire to connect to the reverse light circuit, that will select the reverse camera when you back up. (I haven't tested that yet)

    Running the LSXVOID skin on Roadrunner, and with Iguidance showing the night screen...AND the brightness turned all the way down...I is just barely dark enough at night.

    With that setting it is also bright enough for daylight...and there are 3 preset brightnesses above that (selectable by remote control).

    For mounting, I am using the gimbal it came with on a custom mount to my dash.

    I mentioned earlier on that it will automatically scale the display. If you change your video card settings, and don't like how the picture is set up (centered etc) then off the OSD menu, just select AUTO and it will re-adjust the image to better center it within the display.

    Image quality is very nice, very good off angle viewing, nice color, good text detail (using standard font sizes).

    Overall this screen more than meets my expectations, and is so much better looking than my old screen I have no second thoughts at all.

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    Auto on

    How does the auto power on and auto power off work?

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    If the monitor senses a VGA input, it will power input then it powers off.

    In addition, if you supply power to the reverse trigger, it will pull up that input.

    For example, you wire that trigger to your reverse lights, and your backup camera is wired the same, the display will auto switch to the back up camera.

    I haven't done that yet...but when I do, I will put a switch to turn on the camera...rather than the reverse lights.

    BTW, 4 months later it still works the same...I have never recalibrated the display.

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    Have you had any issues since you got it??? Im planning on buying one.
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    I'm curious what your old display was. I'm trying to find a brighter alternative to the Xenarc 700TSV. It's just not very bright. I keep going back and looking at those megabuck transreflective displays.

    Thanks for taking the time to post your review.


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    Please post pics of it apart ktnx

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    My previous display was the LCD from the Fujistu Stylistic 1200 pad computer...that I extended the lcd wires to...painful work.

    The avitar is of the old screen...taken at night.

    The new screen is bright in the daytime.

    If I have the brightness turned all the way down (which it is all the time) and the sun at exactly the worst angle...then it becomes hard to see.

    I have seen those conditions once.

    It does get down to just above zero here in north Texas every once in a while...screen worked fine the entire time...including the touchscreen...could even use the stitching part of my gloves on it.

    I have had zero issues with it. I have not calibrated the touchscreen or anything else.

    However...on a moonless night...on a quiet highway...I actually turn the screen is a bit too bright then.

    I have not taken it apart...nor am I planning to.

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    i have an 816 coming in the mail and i can assume most if not everything is the same. iw as wondering if i could order a vga spliter. male to dual female and that might make it auto switch?

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    Wheres the best place to get these screens?
    Don't be a pilot between drivers, just a faster driver in a plane!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by DodgeCummins View Post
    It works great out of the box, plug it in and go. It displays whatever resolution happens to be plugged simply rescales the image. But I use Powerstrip to output the native 800x480.
    Have you verified that the monitor is actually displaying at 800 x 480? I have the original 706 and have always had the same issues as all of the xenarc and lilliput users have where the computer will ouput 800 x 480 just fine but the monitor doesnt accept it and defaults to a different res. Any help?

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