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Thread: Hardware Review: CompuTrack VGA/RCA Selectable Switchbox

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    Thumbs up Hardware Review: CompuTrack VGA/RCA Selectable Switchbox

    Hardware Review: VGA/RCA Selectable Switchbox

    What it is/does: Switches between VGA (passthrough) and RCA input (autoscan NTCS/PAL) at the flick of a switch/relay/reverse light. This unit does NOT toggle between modes - it hard switches. This means you will never be in the wrong mode accidentally .

    Reviewed by: Iceman_jkh
    Manufacturer: CompuTrack
    Model: CSB-02
    Specs: Requires 12V (<500mA). Output: SVGA/XGA @ 60Hz
    Price: I'm not sure - mine was a sample. Please contact: [email protected] for pricing and further information. He was VERY helpful to me, so I'm sure he can help you out.

    Rating: 10/10
    Manufacturer website:
    Purchased via email: [email protected]
    Pros: Allows me to use a reverse camera (autoswitching) with an LCD with only a VGA input. There is no lag on the image being displayed to the LCD. Compact size. It can also be used with a Sony type reverse camera connection (but not at the same time as RCA).
    Cons: None that I have found yet.
    Pictures: To be included later.
    Dimensions: Approximately 150x100x25mm (6" x 4" x 1")

    I happen to run 800x600 on my LCD (as that is the LCD's native res. - and it looks beautiful :P), however, for all you folks who run odd (non 4:3) resolutions I believe this box will still work perfectly. The reason I say this is that the VGA mode is pure passthrough. I havent tested (but Ive been told) that the incoming VGA signal is fed directly to the output (unchanged), and only the RCA signal is up-converted/rescanned in order to output it to VGA.
    The effect of this up-converting will be to display the reverse camera image to your LCD with minor (if any) warping. In my opinion this is hardly an issue if you compare it to the fact that not only can you quickly switch to reverse camera automatically, but that you can now actually see what is behind you.


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    No comments/questions?

    Has anyone thought about/bought one of these?
    Has anyone contacted Roy?

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    I really dont understand the website, I dont know what they sell or its use. SOrry but maybe Im stupid.
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    They sell (rear) vision systems for caravans and 4WDs amongst other things. Unfortunately their website doesnt show this particular product (or many others).

    Hopefully they will show something soon. I havent installed it yet, but in testing it appeared to be a really good product.

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    Sounds like something the store should team up with and sell...

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    i saw your post here NEC 8.4" Transflective Solution - Custom Kit and i give two hoots. i emailed the guy to see how much he wants for his auto switching unit. i have the xenarc with the autoswitching on av2 with my camera hooked up to a relay tripped by my reverse lights but sometimes it doesn't work properly and when it does, there is a 2 second delay.
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    I havent had the item give me a single false switch in the months Ive been using it
    Its really fast too - about 1 second or less.
    You must have the unit powered all the time or it takes a while to startup and then switch (perhaps 1-3seconds). If that doesnt bother you, then I guess you could leave it in the switched state and only turn it on when you wanted the reverse camera signal. (It acts as a passthrough when OFF).

    I have it (switchbox) always powered, but not in 'switched' mode. When I switch to reverse, I also use that signal to power the reverse camera. Thats probably why it takes a little longer (1sec) to switch - cause the camera is 'powering up' and doesnt provide a signal to lock to straight away.

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