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Thread: Valentine One to a PC

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    V1BlueShark Final Edition

    V1BlueShark Final Edition

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    Android version of V1BlueShark is almost done

    Check the formal website of v1blueshark to know the last progress and by search in .
    Now you can use your Android or Nokia cell phone to connect to your V1 using the same V1BlueShark hardware.

    Android version support touch screen, but Nokia version not.

    Both have the following features :-
    1) Get all V1 display.
    2) Make Voice Alarm for all 4 bands.
    3) Mute Alarms from your cell phone.
    4) Turn V1 On and Off from cell phone.
    5) Enter Configuration Mode and make all the changes from your cell phone.
    6) Produce Events excel file showing all radar catches with strength and time/date + position (if there is built-in GPS), So you can transfer this file to PC easily.
    7) Easily work with Radar and Mute database.
    8) User Setting for Radar max distance, Speed Cam max distance, V1 voice alarm intervals (by seconds) and Speed Cam
    voice alarm interval ( by seconds ).
    9) You can invoke commands from main menu or by speed numbers from your cell phone.

    ************* PLUS if built-in GPS exist *************

    10) Auto Mute for K and X bands in any place you add it manually or from a file.
    11) Get Alarm for Speed Cam that you add manually or from a file.
    12) Get Speed (Still under development in Android).
    13) Auto Mute for X and K bands when you drive beyond a specific speed (Still under development in Android).
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    My ESP interface

    I have a working interface using an ATtiny4313, but also have a version that works on a generic Arduino Mega (available at most Radio Shack stores).

    The customized version will be a bluetooth interface. It is already working in that it can communicate and I can run programs, but doing a full blown Android app will take a bit.

    But if you want to start exploring or hacking, the Arduino Mega works fine. Right now it is just an interface to the protocol, but the Mega might be expanded to do alerts and/or set the sweeps over a terminal program.

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    Good thinking of ESP

    Nice man

    Actually i end my V1blueshark Android version, and i add SAVVY function in it too.
    It works with the old V1 tech. , I did'nt do anything about ESP but i can help you in this project if you want.
    check new video this week about Android version in youtube

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveDog View Post
    seems to me that a bluetooth V1connect would have a much larger market if there were apps for the mobile platforms, not just PCs.
    Anybody seen this. Would be perfect if someone could port it over to the PC:
    HARDWARE: Fujitsu Stylistic ST5111w/WiFi and dock, internal Hitachi 500G HD, external 1TB HD, Sierra Wireless Aircard 550, DVD-RW, BoomzBox HD radio, XM Commander, Delorme GPS, Saitek X-52 Pro joystick, BluSoleil Bluetooth, TPMS, FB, Elm327

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    Quote Originally Posted by GizmoQ View Post
    Anybody seen this. Would be perfect if someone could port it over to the PC:

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