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Thread: Need Testers for Mappoint embedded Navigation System

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    New Download location

    Ok guys.... This is my screw up! (I own the server)... this is what happened during the month of December.

    I used to have my appartment in Windsor (UK) where this server was located... (I live in Cambridge, MA (USA)).

    I sold the appartment in December and had to relocate the server from the appartment to another site (in a rack in a telecoms site in London). The server is now backup, but at a different IP address.

    Alternativly you can go to:

    Again, appologies for not getting things updated here, but as you can imagine, selling a home in the UK and buying a house in the US at the same time is not any easy task and have been a bit busy!

    Happy new year to one and all!
    06 Volvo XC90
    Use to have installed MII 10000/512Mb/40GB, Lilliput 7", OPUS 90W, Wifi-G PCMCIA, Head Unit Aux adapter, Delorme GPS, XM PCR, Audigy NX, RR
    Car PC downloads:

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    Work arround?

    Quote Originally Posted by SilentAdmirer
    I know that problem. Have to find a work around for it. Cause MP knows its a motorway and thinks u put the location by mistake and take it to the nearest street.that is what I can think of rite now

    I was using the application and I was realy impressed!
    The only problem looks to be with re-routing from motorway. There is any work-around or patch which could fix this problem (for example at least in registry regarding mappoint or in some config files)

    Thanks in advance and keep going ,

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    Dead ?

    Is this topic dead ? Or does it continu somewhere ?

    I'm still lokking for a good add-on on Mappoint 2006 within RR (fe. for the off track re-routing, next turn pointer, ...)

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