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    stevieg any news on your traffic system?
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    I can get the traffic data for the UK from a variety of sources the primary two the BBC and MultiMap.

    Basically anyone else who needs traffic data for their country still needs to find a decent data source (minimum anything in a computer generated format, even HTML that has a description of the road condition, direction and long/lat)

    I'm not pestering SilentAdmirer at the moment about integration, I'm waiting for the new release first though from what I've looked at in the MapPoint model traffic avoidance needs to be done by plotting to an intersection rather than just plotting a pushpin at the traffic incident and getting mappoint to avoid it. Also, for dynamically re-routing around incidents (which typically are on the motorway) re-routing may need to be done ON the motorway, which is still a problem on the motorway due to 'bugs' in MapPoint. This could perhaps be solved by keeping track of which direction the car is travelling; and reverse geocoding the position, and then calculating the route from the last junction passed, though this would add more load on the already slow MapPoint control!
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilentAdmirer
    presently working on XM Radio and multi language Support.
    OMG. I love you. You think you will be able to get the asian languages? Where should I send donations?

    perhaps this may help in development?

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    im lost here a bit, what is the new download for voices, and what gps software do i have to have to use the NAV portion?


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