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Thread: Offline Files/UNC Path's

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    Offline Files/UNC Path's


    Just switched over to Offline files and setup Voices with a UNC Path. This way when i drive into my driveway my media folder will sync with one of my servers. (so to add new media files all i have to do is place them in the appropriate spot in the server and it will sync automatically. If i remove files from that location it removes them from the carpc)

    Anyway, ran into an error message i'm not sure if you've come across yet. (i forget the exact message and will update you with it later)

    But if i go into the media folder (from voices) and i double click on a folder everything works fine UNLESS there are media files directly within that folder. So for example i have music 3 directories deep...i can go the first two levels with no error message. Then when i double (or single) click the one containing the music i get an error. I am able to click ok then Done and play the music but i thought you might want to know.

    I will update you with the exact error later tonight. Thanks
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    Have you tried adding the share as a persistent drive mapping?
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