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Thread: Reason for not replying

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    Reason for not replying

    I am in India from November due to some family emergency and could not access the net until today . I going back to Germany on 20th of Jan 2005 . I will try to fix the problem once I reach Germany.

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    Good to hear from you again!

    I had lost hope for this project

    I still prefer voices over every other front end i have tried!

    Look forward to your return man.

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    Hey Satish,

    Firstly, remember as allways.... your family comes before VOICES!

    That said, it would be really good to see some further work done on the project. It's nice to see that there are quite a few people out there using the software, so I think further development would be appreciated.

    I'm still a strong believe in trying to create a development community. Let's get others onboard to help!

    Happy new year to you!

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