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Thread: VOICES Website is backup

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    VOICES Website is backup

    Ok guys.... This is my screw up! (I own the server)... this is what happened during the month of December.

    I used to have my appartment in Windsor (UK) where this server was located... (I live in Cambridge, MA (USA)).

    I sold the appartment in December and had to relocate the server from the appartment to another site (in a rack in a telecoms site in London). The server is now backup, but at a different IP address.

    Alternativly you can go to:

    Again, appologies for not getting things updated here, but as you can imagine, selling a home in the UK and buying a house in the US at the same time is not any easy task and have been a bit busy!

    Happy new year to one and all!
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    Is it down again?

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    wait for long. But the server didnt reply. can't see anything
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    Not accessible even today.

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    Just spoke to the guy who hosts the site...and he promises me it will be fixed this weekend

    It would be nice to hear from Silentadmirer about his progress. You out there bud?
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    It's down again
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