Car PC's are custom installations. Beyond the basics of ensuring that a car PC is installed safely, there is no 'right' way to do it. Some hobbyists prefer their installs to appear as if they came from the factory while others don't care if there is a tangled mess of wires strewn across the dashboard. It's all up to your personal preference.

This means a considerable amount of research and planning must be undertaken by the hobbyist to solve specific problems associated with placing a computer in a mobile environment. This wiki is a recent creation intended to organize the topics and capture the knowledge about many of those problems. The [WIKI]mp3Car resource bank[/WIKI] is extensive, aside from this wiki, you can make use of the FAQs section and videos on our Vimeo site.

Here is a list of resources specifically for someone getting started:
Car PC Basics for the Newbie created by BugByte

Books -
* Build Your Own Car PC, by Gavin D J Harper, Ed McGraw-Hill
* Car PC Hacks, By Damien Stolarz, Ed O'Reilly
* Geek My Ride: Build the Ultimate Tech Rod, Ed John Wiley & Sons