Welcome to the wiki FAQ for the Roadrunner skin LSX VOID (Currently at version 2.02). The aim of this wiki page is to provide answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions.

1. Q: Why do I get this white box on my main screen just above the play/ff/rew buttons, and just below the media information?

A: Your flash needs to be updated to the latest version, and you must update it using Internet Explorer. Updating flash with firefox merely updates the firefox-flash-plugin.

2. Q: Why am I having problems during setup?

A: If anyone has any issues during setup or you forgot to remove all settings related to previous versions of this skin, look in the root of your RR install. There, you should find a file named "LSXVOID_DEFAULT_SETUP.exe". After you are certain all previous settings are removed from rr.ini run this file. Note: any custom changes to .skin files for the day version of the skin will be overwritten and all settings (for this skin) will be reset to the defaults. For reference and incase you want to manually add the settings to rr.ini by hand they are located in a file named "LSX_ADDTORR.INI.txt" also found in the root of your RR install or here incase you somehow lost the file.

3. Q: Why aren't my embedded apps working?

A: Make sure you add .exe files as an audio file type in RRConfig.exe, otherwise when trying to embed an app using the built in embed setup (FREE buttons) you will not be able to see the .exe file to choose as the application to launch.

4. Q: How do i make the visuals transparent like in the screenshots?

A: Open RR.ini and add this line.


In the same dir you should see a file named Screensaver.ini (the name is missleading)

Open it and make sure the settings are like below AvsTransparent=True FadeOnIdle=False SecondsToFade=300 FadeInterval=10 DefaultOpacity=175 MaxOpacity=255

Turning on opacity from inside of winamp will give you a transparent visual, but it will still cover buttons in RR and you will not be able to click those buttons till u turn the visu off. What the directions above does is allow you to turn the visuals on, have them transparent and also the ability to still click the buttons under the visuals so you dont have to toggle them on/off to change the volume etc.

Also, go to RR Config>Music>Page 2>Visualization Plugin>AVS Window(select)

5 Q: How do I change the forecast to areas other than Chicago?

A: Open LSXCOLORS.txt Inside this file - at the bottom - there should be the url for your area. Replace the url at the top of the section ( "googleplayer.swf?docId=-5156785011415695281&hl=en" ) with the url for your location

6. Q: What Version of winamp should I use?

A: Version 5.13 is recommended. Lower is OK, but not higher

7. Q: LSX VOID does not display full screen. Does anyone know how I can make it fullscreen at 800x600?

A: The default settings are 800x480 in the skin. You need to go to the OPT (options) when the skin is loaded and change it to 800x600.

8. Q: The main screen is awesome. How come the other two screens (the left and right arrows on the main screen) are blank?

A: "...the idea is that those 2 screens are not the main screen, but extensions of the main menu...If you want to make those 2 screens the same as the main menu, its not hard to do at all. The only difference between them is just the lack of the items in the middle of the screen. You can just copy and past(e) them from one screen to the other using the RRSkineditor."

9. Q: iGuidance seems to be popular, but is there anything for streets and trips?

A: see this post http://www.mp3car.com/vbulletin/987742-post99.htm for a Microsoft Streets & Trips skin

10. Q: How do I setup custom buttons in the skin.

A: Click and hold on any button on the main menu, audio player, and secondary menus. A new screen will pop up with a list of commands to choose from. Simply click the command you want and now that button has been reassigned the new command. There are over 60+ available commands, and new ones added to each release.

11. Q: How do i edit the font colors in the skin.

A: The color,size and font type for all the fonts in the skin are stored in one file. LSXCOLORS.txt, located inside the skins folder. Just edit this file and all the font properties in the entire skin will be updated. The day and night versions of the skin have unique values for this file. I do not recommend changing the font size to be larger for any text property.

12. Q: What are the little white triangles on some of the buttons?

A: Those are indication that the button has a alternate function, click and hold the button and the alternate command will execute. For example, on the main menu if you click and hold the EXT button, it will exit RR and automatically reload after 5 sec.

13. Q: GPS works fine, but the speedo and speed display dont, or vise versa?

A: You will need a gps com port splitter, search on google for xport3 and you should find all the info needed.

14. Q: What is the best way to report bugs for the skin?

A: send an email to [email protected] do not remove the plus sign. In the 3.0 update, this will be possible directly from inside the skin.

15. Q: How do I browse music from more than one directory (ie "My Music" and a thumb drive)?

A: "You can play any files located on a usb drive by creating a file named BROWSE.RRL and place this file inside the ROOT of your media library thats specified in rr.ini

The contents of the file should follow this format.


where the path is displayed first, "--THUMB DRIVE --" will showup as an item at the top of your media library in the audio player. You can add as many paths to directories as you like, even your cd rom."

16. Q: Why can't I play CD's?

A: "There are scripts available on this site for auto playing cd's in RR. There is no CD button in the skin simply because i do not listen to cd's and its very low on the feature list."

17. Q: Is there a way to auto-switch the day and night skins?

A: "The jury is still out on this feature. Personally ive never seen it actually work the right way. There are options for it in a few places, also a few different methods people do to switch them. I normally just use the night version of the skin all the time, the day version really was only created specifically for those who kept asking for it...

[as of the next version] the day version is no longer supported. What that means is the day version it self is now self contained and will not share updates from the night version. Its just too much work to keep them both in sync. Ill do an evaluation of the current state of the day version as it is now and see how much work would need to be done to bring it up to the current night state and maybe bring it up to par. It all depends. But after that, there will be no updates to the day version. "

18. Q: iGuidance doesn't seem to be embedded and doesn't close when I push close. It just changes focus back to the skin, why?

A: "From what it sounds like, it seems IG isnt embedded at all when u run it.

A few things to check.

In RRConfig under GPS:

GPS Mode is set to external

GPS Path is C:\Program Files\iNav\iGuidance\iGuidanceUMPC.exe|nowarning

GPS Window Name is iGuidance

In RR.ini:


Inside the Skin:

Click and hold the NAVI button, choose IG3 or IG2 depending on what ver u have installed. Also make sure you aren't using any IG helper/launcher apps (like skinbedder etc) they are not needed anymore."

19. Q: How do I browse my playlists by dragging them up and down like in the video?

A: Inside RR, go to LSX VOID's OPT>General Settings>Turn iList ON