ASIO VST Plug-in Method with KX Project Compatible Sound Card

What You Need

How To

Foobar Output

Select KS 0/1 output for the best result (because it bypasses the windows KMixer). DS 0/1 will work too.

KS = Kernel Streaming

DS = DirectSound

Foobar Resampling to 48khz: Whitout resampling playback will fail. KX drivers only work at 48khz in DSP mode.

KX will record in ASIO everything that is coming from the FXBus 0/1

KX ASIO Configuration

Select 170ms latency as we don’t care about latency for playback and some VST plug-ins are more accurate with larges chunks of data.

8+8 means 8 inputs channels and 8 outputs channels.

Console Audio I/O Configuration

Select only the I/O channels you need for better performance.

Input or Output 1 and 2 in Console are 0/1 in KX.

Console Routing example:

KX Master Volume and gain

The last step involves applying a Master Volume and gain to the outputs then connect everything to the K2LT. The Master Volume part is very important because it is the only control we have over the volume (when using Kernel Streaming). Implementing it at the last step will prevent any delay. If it is implemented at the first step (before ASIO recording), there is a very annoying 170ms delay. Fixed negative gains prevent any clipping of the card preamp.

Article written by BenOBS