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Thread: Working good here on my system...

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    Working good here on my system...

    Just wanted to say good job on this software Leddy!

    Used it today on my trip home across Florida for about 7 hours of driving using an EDGE connection via bluetooth through my cingular phone. Had the normal occassional signal dropouts on the cell but even after coming back out of hibernation or reconnecting the internet connection the WhereIsMyGPS program never missed a beat. I just left it running in the background, left it on "connect" mode and it automatically would pick up after hibernation, get GPS from a virtual port on Xport and automatically upload when I reconnected cell connection.

    Just wanted to say I've been around with it and works great here on my setup.
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    Nice one mate and thank you for letting us know, and me being in the uk sod that 7 hours driving lol
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