I've followed this guide to play a .wav file with WinAmp (lite) and filter the output using Console and some vst plugins.
My audio card is a M-Audio Delta 44 that supports Asio 1 and 2.
I puted the "otachan" asio output plugin in WinAmp and then I configured that.
I opened Console, puted 'M-Audio Delta Asio IN' and 'M-Audio Delta Asio OUT' on the 'stage' and the linked IN-ports with OUT-ports... I know that is probably wrong because I use a sound file played from hard-disk and I don't use the real audiocard IN-ports but I don't understand how to proceed. If I turn on Console and try to play something on Winamp nothing append.
The player stop himself automatically.
What is wrong? Can you help me?

Bye bye!!