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Thread: Windows Mobile Phone Control

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    You are too right but there is no API as far as I know. Someone attempted to hack the original infillstation dll but never completed it. CF probably worked with Infill to get it going. But then again I may be wrong. Anyway, don't wish to go off-topic here as this thread is inappropriate. Cheers!

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    dono, i dont have that unit on hand to play around w/ it
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    Quote Originally Posted by armia1 View Post
    hi, i have followed your instruction to the letter and it still does not work. i have tried another skin 506 by Doc breezy, i can can pretty much control my phone except the numbers eg 1,2,3... buttons do not work!!!

    go figure, why one skin it works and the other does not!!!!
    After two days I finally got it working YMMV but the issue for me was in the posting. Specifically, three lines (in different parts of the file) -
    Phoco_off.png,Phoco_off.png,Phoco_ON.png,Phoco_off .png
    L,575,65,200,40,225,51,0,22,#DFXFONT#,"=Mute","CEN TER"
    S01,600,6,215,45,303,530,215,45,H,01,"",013,"MASTE R","Master"
    There were spaces in Phoco_off .png, CEN TER and MASTE R respectively. I've seen where forum boards will sometimes put spaces in words so I deleted the spaces and it started working!

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    Carwings MyMobiler Skin

    For anyone that is interested, I've made a skin for MyMobiler to go with the default Carwings skin.

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    any skin for 480x800 resolution phone?? I think it'll fill up most of my 800x600 screen.

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    Hi all,

    I've found another app that will control a WM device. It's from BlueSoleil and requires the BlueSoleil 6.4 driver, or newer, to work.

    It works great and I was able to embed it into RR without too much trouble. Also, it's fairly simple to alter the skin of the app itself.

    The only problem I have is that the Bluesoleil driver does not recognise an incoming call unless you have made an outgoing call from the dialer already, although this may be something to do with my HTC touch diamond I don't know. This doesn't seem to be a problem with the Widcomm driver though, that works perfectly in this respect but doesn't offer a dialer option.

    Give it a trial and see what you think.

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    ok so i've downloaded the skin for mymoblier, now i cant figure out how to embed it, can anyone help?



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    I am new im this forum.

    Sorry if this is not the ideal place to post...

    I own an HTC HD2 and planning to buy a Din1, DVD, GPS, BT, USB capable car-pc (ideally windows mobile based).

    I know some xp based cap-pc do exist. But I woud like mine to be instant-on. Since the HTC HD2 does not support video out (HTC touch Pro and PRO2 do support), I am stuck on that side.

    The second option would be for me to look for a windows mobile 5/6 based - Din1 7' device on which I could install softwares such as google maps, tomtom, dictionnaries etc...But I can not find any somehow. I would like to be able to Internet on the 7' touch screen using my unlimited Internet package I have on HTC HD2.

    I am bit lost at this stage.

    Given that I own an HTC HD2 device with unlimited Internet usage, what should be the optimal configuration in my case if I want 'DVD, GPS, BT, USB' capable device in my car ?


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    Quote Originally Posted by rickloco View Post
    This is great I have tried forever to get a phone to work with a carpc for about 4 years.
    It took me about 10 minutes to get it to work. I just need some way to get it to switch
    automatically to the phone screen when a call comes in. Any suggestions?
    There are a couple of options if you know any coding you could write a fairly simple vb or ... using the api ref for the phone to bring it to the top when it changes... or there is an app called macro maker that will wait for something to happen(basically watch for the api) and queue something else to happen(bring the mymobile screen to the top)... but you could easily fill in most anything that happens into those brackets.. it's a really awesome app for the entry-level system admin or geek that has to do a lot of redundant lame stuff at work... 8P
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