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Thread: Windows Mobile Phone Control

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    Quote Originally Posted by japeeler View Post
    I have offically got your program skinned and working in DFX4.0.
    Can you please share your DFX4.0 skin?
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    Not sure what the problem is, but the volume control does not want to play nice. This is what the code is, i hope i didn't mix things up.

    B05,456,530,112,70,"ACTIVATE;!My Mobiler||SENDKEY;{F7}","Volume-"
    B06,570,530,112,70,"ACTIVATE;!My Mobiler||SENDKEY;{F6}","Volume+"

    Secondly, is there anyway to add an event listener to this, to maybe popup a window when i recieve a call. i mean it does everything else. great work.
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    DFX 4.0 Skin for MyMobiler can be found here: DigitalFX 4.0

    I just cut and pasted the OP code in the proper areas to get the skin file to work. Works great over USB, I didn't try it with BT.

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    can any of you guy get this in streetdeck 2? Like make a digital mod?

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    found this over on the omnia user forums, not sure if this works for anything besides the omnia but im sure it can be retrofit, still requires a pc though

    just found this one too

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    mDesktop should be a faster phone control app. Will try.

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    what about this in streetdeck 2? Like make a digital mod?

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    Just an FYI for some of you that are trying to get audio across bt. Your BT device has to already be capable of audio in order for you to use it. That is why some of you are having trouble getting audio across BT to cpu.

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    So, I just got a windows mobile phone and am trying MyMobiler and MDesktop out. Here's the thing. MyMobiler is taking some getting used to and seems slow. I know it's skinable and all but is the standalone app skinable? I mean could I use it without using RR? My frontend of choice is StreetDeck2 and it doesn't support phone integration. My plan is to run one of these programs in the background and when a phone comes in, switch to it with a mapped key. I'd buy and use MDesktop for sure but, it doesn't seem touch friendly at all. Though, I guess while driving the only thing I should be doing is hitting the answer button and selecting from contacts but, even selecting from the contacts list seems non touch friendly. Any ideas?

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    You can skin the app by editing the defaultskin.xml.

    The skinning is a pain really,i've had to edit the xml just to make a skin to remove the top bar.

    The latest windows phones are HD anyway so if your in the market for a new phone make sure you buy hd and you'll end up with something like this and no real skinning required.

    The only issue i find is there's some lag. (may be different over bluetooth or WiFi,I've yet to test) EDIT: (Now working over BT but its no quicker)

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