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Thread: Windows Mobile-based Phones

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    Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
    No, he is literally talking about a program in WM6.1 called Internet Sharing. As a note though you have to have tethering on the phone otherwise companies like Sprint will charge you extra. There is a hack to disable them being able to track whether or not they can track it.

    Actually you don't even need tethering service. The tethering service is just a "numbers" game for the providers to charge you to use the same data rate as you would without the service by connecting to a PC. All you need is the Internet Sharing app on your device.

    I have a WM6 device with Verizon...though I also have unlimited data plan (very important)

    I use bluetooth dialup flawlessly with my LINUX with no tethering plan, no USB. I cancelled the plan because I learned its the exact same speed and I can get around the extra charge with tethering...(I still pay flat rate on unlimited data which is still way cheaper than tethering charge). I actually use my EEE PC as my car pc. I'm still working on my in car mobile solution project.

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    Check out PDAnet ( That's the program I use to do my tethering on my Moto Q9c. It's not free (~40 bucks) but it works really well.

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