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Thread: Use Windows Mobile phone as carputer

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    btw- you can use Nyditot Virtual Display to use the screen as the touchpad mouse. yes you can choose to have a mouse cursor, and orientation of the screen, etc. and i must add, that is a great find dude. good work! is the iphone that much better a candidate for this application?

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    Quote Originally Posted by do7d View Post
    btw- you can use Nyditot Virtual Display to use the screen as the touchpad mouse. yes you can choose to have a mouse cursor, and orientation of the screen, etc. and i must add, that is a great find dude. good work! is the iphone that much better a candidate for this application?
    I'll have to take a look at that app. If it works how I want it to all I need to find is a cheap touchscreen that will fit in a Olds Bravada and I'll have a cheap carputer.

    As for using an iphone I am not sure as I have never used one but I am much happier with my Touch Pro than I think I would be with a iphone. It can do everything an iphone can (probably more) and it has a slide out keyboard and removable storage (up to 32 gb microsd cards). Also I wouldn't want to be stuck with att. Sprint had much better service and better prices where I live.

    btw chronoguy did you buy a video cable for your pro or did you mod the audio adapter? I was thinking about modding one of my adapters and install it permanently in my vehicle (I got a defective Pro and sent it back for a new one and when I sent it back I got to keep all the accessories for it including the battery and battery cover).

    If anyone has any suggestions for a touchscreen let me know.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SaiLong View Post
    how about using my mobiler?
    is there someting like this for the symbian phone's like the n95 8gb?

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    I have heard that you can use a wireless Bluetooth mouse for the Touch Pro - So if you have the PRO hooked up to a monitor, and use a wireless mouse (preferably a handheld presenter mouse with a trackball) which feels very natural in the hand then you are in good shape. I bought a track ball and use it when surfing the web from my couch and have found it to be quite natural with the eye.

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    Very close...

    This is a great thread.. keep it alive. Ive been looking for something like this since I got my 8125.

    I found this:

    has almost everything you would need EXCEPT this isnt a touchscreen!! i am considering bying one and trying to pick it apart to make it fold in and out of HU bay. I suppose it would be easy to power it up..

    I did send them an email suggesting that they make an automotive version of this: loose the keyboard/touchpad in favour of touchscreen. never got a reply.

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    Now that's what I'm talking about. MP3Car is great! I actually have a verizon xv6900 which is like the Touch and Vogue (only it has an onscreen touch keyboard- which I prefer). I am actually researching and configuring solutions for connectivity with my EEEPC (which I have a linux distro )

    I already have bluetooth dialup working flawlessly in addition to normal bluetooth data transfers. I have looked into some linux solutions that allow viewing your mobile display using a virtual desktop. I know this thread is concentrating on the single mobile phone as the carputer, but integrating that functionality with another mobile device such as netbooks expands even more possiblities.

    I use my EEEPC in my car and Music is my number one priority but it would be great to also port my mobile display on my EEEPC. I use XBMC as my media center and I don't think I'm giving that's too great. I also use the Wii Remote using bluetooth as my remote to navigate XBMC flawlessly.

    The EEEPC also has a VGA out which I plan to have connected to an external touch display. Using your phone as the carputer is nice because of the seamless mobility, which is also why I use my EEEPC currently as my carpc.

    This thread is great... keep up the great ideas and collaboration.

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    BlueTooth Car

    Is there a way to use this method to enable remote start and keyless entry through text messaging?

    I would like to bluetooth enable my car...

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    Hi evryone,

    I am really interested in this project.

    Did some searching & was able to find that some one was able to use a Dell Axim Windows CE 5 to work with an external touch screen
    Thread & How to

    Video of it working Give it a minute to load.

    I dont know about how we can make it to work with a HTC Touch Pro.

    Link to the TVout cable with an extra small USB port

    Since the Touch Pro comes with Windows CE 6.0. Here are the touch screen drivers for CE 6.0DRIVERS Download the USB ones.

    I dont have a Touch Pro so I cant test it out. I am thinking about buying one so that I can use it as a carputer but debating on TP or Iphone. Will wait for some time & then will go with the best promising one.

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    i have 2 dell PdA's onboard. I use th x51 to run the GPs, and it plays "mundu radio". I Installed Mobilier, so it shows on my laptop, whats on the screen (large). The second dell has Auto wolf, an app to log maintenance, etc. I also dock my Treo to the system, which has PDA net, and its also accessed by mobilier.
    In other words, I have a small PAN, that can access the net, Plus my two Laptops are networked and one has the T-mobile internet card to also get out to the net.
    The low budget model ! 2005 F-150
    • -Custom fiberglass console, CB,Interfaced OBDII
    • -In-dash multimedia w/ bluetooth
    • -Piconet PAN & Wifi Edge internet
    • -Advantech relay board, Pololu microcontrollers w/servos
    • -Embedded Axim palmtop w/backup GPS

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    I just wanna vote for case we're votin ...maybe we can cross-thread/cross-forum for this project. I'm sure the mp3 car and xda forums could solve a few of already mentioned issues and and answer more questions that arise.

    on what Ease suggested, regarding activating certain car functions via text........ Aren't there relay controllers that interface with pc's, that allow for controlling mechanical devices via a pc? Couldn't you just write the software for Windows Mobile? (I'm no programmer but it sounds like somethin simple for someone who knows that sorta thing)

    Imagine that, carrying a small phone as a key FOB. lol you could have preset text messages to control different functions (start/stop ignition, windows rolling up/down...maybe even a theft/immobilzer feature....) I'm sure it comes down to writing simple software (simple to those that know how to do it...I sure as hell don't)

    I have a Touch Pro as well. If that Nyditot program works like I think your describing it, you could use a Xenarc X7000 display and use the touchscreen on that as an input controller on the phone......or do I have that wrong?

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