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Thread: CF as fixed drive

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    CF as fixed drive

    In the past, I have made a Sandisk Ultra II card into a fixed drive using the utility. However I have just bought another which fails to budge. It comes up with the error "SMI Model, FAIL".

    I fear that the SMI model may not be an athens based controller and am therefore doomed. This is a problem, as for some reason after several days of perfect operation, WinXP will just crash if its run on a removable drive (standby not enabled).

    Therefore does anyone know anything more on this issue, or perhaps able to suggest a cf card that appears as a fixed drive without any voodoo?

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    is that a legit SanDisk card or a cheap knockoff from ebay? Ultra II's and Extreme I's both can be set to fixed.

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    All I can tell you is an UltraII bought from Amazon marketplace, which has the model ID of "SMI Model". Placing that string on google does not come up with a load of hits about fake cards, as "hyperstone sandisk" does.

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