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Thread: XP taking longer and longer to boot!! Why?!

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    not sure why its happened to be honest.. may just be old, the assembly date on it is 2003.. maybe its been dropped or bumped a few times in its life??

    ill try copy the boot sector over to a new disk and the data soon as i get a replacement.

    thanx for the help peeps

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    Hi 1RyanRs,

    Glad to hear your on top of your issues.

    From what you've written above, it sounds like your troubles started once the PC was setup in the car. Perhaps you should check how solidly the PC is mounted in the car, and also consider how well the hard disk is mounted in the PC. The last thing you'll want is to encounter the same issues with your replacement hard disk.

    It may not be a factor, but I thought I'd mention it.



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