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Thread: please help me....(nlite)

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    please help me....(nlite)

    I have tried installing my iso four times. Each time, I keep missing something.
    I believe it is all of my drivers. Why is this happening????? If I look in the device manager I have a question mark on all of my "other devices".

    I have no sound, and when I drag a window it skips and doesn't have fluid motion. I just don't get it.

    Please help me.


    well, I an idiot!! I apologize, but think I got my sound working. Went to dell and found a driver for my laptop. Working on the video now. Hopefully I will get that one sorted out too.

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    I think I got my problems worked out.....for now

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    The windows 'skipping' sounds like video drivers. If you scroll down a webpage or a folder with a few items in it, does it 'step' down rather than smooth scrolling? If it does, then it's more than likely due to windows using a generic driver.

    Download the correct drivers and you'll be sweet.
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