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Thread: CF to SATA or IDE

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    CF to SATA or IDE

    what is going to work better. From addonics either one, is the SATA goign to be overkill?? Will i see a performance gain in the sata or will it just be an overkill. I am installing...

    CF Card (2GB):

    Win XP (nlited)
    Gps Program (only 150 MEgs)

    2.5" SATA HD

    I have 2 SATA ports on my Mobo, im wondering should i get the SATA to CF card or the IDE to CF card (IDE is cheaper so... if the sata has no performance gain then why pay more?)

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    It'll be overkill...The only advantage right now would be for the smaller cable.

    The CF standards group has started work on a new CF spec with native SATA interface (versus the current native IDE). So in a few years we'll have native SATA CF cards fast enough to make use of the bus speed. Right now even the new high end cards with UDMA support wouldn't benefit from the SATA interface.

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    thanks i was pretty sure that was the answer as well!

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