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Thread: Slow Boot times after TinyXP

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    Slow Boot times after TinyXP

    I got my hands on the Platinum Edition of TinyXP, and I've yet to see any performance increase. A complete clean install gives me 1min 37 boot time, versus 1min 25 for a plain old Windows XP Pro install.

    20seconds of this is POSTing; Im not too concerned about that, as the BIOS is basic and not much can be done, but surely XP should be speedier?

    I've also used eXPerience's "Service Config Files", BootVis, and turning off the windows loading images, without any noticeable boot differences. I had a try at Minlogon, but got an infinite rebooting cycle that required another re-install - at an hour a time, I'm not willing to go through that in a hurry. Also, there are as yet no external USB devices plugged in to cause a problem.

    Is this just the slow specs of my system (800Mhz Duron, 256MB PC100 SDRAMM, ATA-66 4200Rpm laptop HDD), or has anyone got a weedy PC like mine booting quicker?

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    I'm cold booting a 1GHz Via C3 with Windows 98SE in 17 seconds (including POST). I'd think your machine was way more powerful than my system. I think you can do better.
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    If you have an extra stick of RAM try to bump it to 512. Also your harddrive seems to be a bottleneck. ATA66 and 4200rpm is a killer.

    If you increase either one transfer speed or rpm speed, I think an increase will happen.

    I dont think it is your cpu. Try booting off of a regular high speed ATA CD-DRIVE using knoppix live or something. See how fast it boots.
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    Unfortunately, I dont have much spare kit around - most of this really is left-over junk (the 2x128mb memory sticks Im using, for example.) I'd like to identify the most likely problem area before I upgrade.

    Looking at Bootvis, the Disk Usage is absolutely maxed out for most of the boot time, so Im guessing that this IS the most likely bottleneck for the system

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    I hit the same problem when installing Minlogin. The problem was that I copied the file over and renamed it, but didn't do the registry changes or if I did they failed !

    Every time I have used Minlogin it has shaved 10 sec of my boot time. I can thoroughly recommend it, but make sure you follow the instructions to the letter.

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