Okay, first i have searched the whole internet for this....the whole thing.

I am trying the coveted minlogon + ewf build.

What I have done is setup vwmare server and built a stripped down xp iso with nlite as well as a full xp iso with nlite. I have installed both versions on my vmware and installed minlogon. I have gone through Silvio Fiorito's instructions here [URL="http://mason.gmu.edu/~sfiorito/eXPinstall.htm"] and have gotten all the ewf files installed and run the registry script file. Everything seems to work until I issue the ewfmgr c: command. I get the "failed getting protected volume configuration with error1" error message. then I run ewfmgr alone and get "unable to find an Ewf volume." message.

Has anyone run into this? Is there something I am missing?