Can I ask if anyone has got XPe EWF from feature pack 2007 working on XP Pro.

I got the EWF portion working but had a few problems with the HORM portion in that I got an error on reboot and gave me two options discard hibernate point or continue boot.

I resolved this by reverting back to the SP2 ewfntldr.

I hear you ask why upgrade to the new version if you have got the old version working. The reason is that FP2 ewfmgr has additional options for enabling and disabling HORM - therefore no need to delete the resmany.dat file any more, just issue the command ewfmgr c: - deactivatehorm

When I downgraded the ntldr the ewfmgr still gave me the new options but responded with HORM not supported. Type "ewfmgr" on its own and it no longer gives an error as well.

Any help would be great in order to avoid the silly resmany.dat file