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Thread: wierd message in windows

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    Quote Originally Posted by galvitron View Post
    You can try actually connecting the PC to the interweb and see what is trying to download. Then, once it is updated, whatever it is, the message might go away...

    Just a thought.
    If you go this route, Zonealarm can tell you what is accessing, with the option to allow or deny it access.
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    AVG Free Edition is the virus scanner I use. Works well, and it can clean up viruses.

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    i had another idea...

    i connected the carpc hard drive to my pc at my room and scaned it with
    notron antivirus...

    found a few spyware and a trojan...
    probably from the first time i got connected to the web (wihout any protection)

    now everything works fine...

    thank you all....

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    So I know this is an old thread but I'm having the same issue. I think it's Garmin Mobile PC that is trying to contact the internet and causing the popup box, because it started happening about the time I switched from iGuidance to Mobile PC.

    What I am wondering is whether it is possible to prevent this "work offline" popup box even in the presence of applications that are trying to contact the internet? Any ideas please?


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    manually configure a dial up connection, this is only so you can modify the internet options, the you can select never to dial a connection, after that's done you can delete the connection.

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