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Thread: Cannot resume when using CF to IDE adapter.

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    Cannot resume when using CF to IDE adapter.


    I have a problem i've been unable to get around and i'm wondering if anyone has some experience they could share to assist me.

    I set up an nLited install of windows XP following the instructions given by SFiorito in this post
    everything works well (great instructions) until i transfer the install to my CF card and try to boot. I created a hibernation file before copying the image over and then when i boot off the flash card the machine begins to resume and as soon as the progress bar gets to the end it blue screens. I tried using F8 to do a normal boot and got into windows ok, set up my system again and then tried to create a new hibernation point, the process of hibernating took a really loooong time and the when i rebooted it was as if there was no hibernation and just went straight to new boot.

    My system is
    nLited XP Pro
    VIA EPIA NX12000EG
    1 gig RAM
    4 gig partition on WD1200 HDD (for setting up and testing)
    4 gig Sandisk UltraII (for deployment)

    So just to re-iterate the system works as expected when using the regular HDD and only has a problem with the CF card, the CF to IDE adapter is this one

    This site claims this adapter supports UDMA but i have to disable UDMA in the bios when using it or i get corrupt data.

    Any comments or advice would be appreciated.

    Thanks for helping

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    Does the CF card appear as a fixed or removable drive? Hibernation does not work on removable drives. If it blue screens maybe the hibernation file is corrupted on the disk. Is it a "real" SanDisk drive? A while ago people were getting screwed by cheap chinese knock-offs from eBay. You can alwas try another CF-IDE adapter.

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    Hi SFiorito,

    Thanks for your reply and also for your guide to using EWF with XP.

    I tried a new adapter ( and fortunately i can now create a hibernation file and resume without a problem.

    Interestingly when i tried setting a resume point with the adapter plugged into SATA plug #2 (Slave) then swapped it, and tried to resume with it in plug #1 (master) i got the same BSOD as before.

    I suspect the CF to IDE adapter i pointed to in my first post may be a little sketchy, i dont think using it with a card that doesn't support was helping but overall i wouldnt recommend it for this application.

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    Glad things are working now....Unfortunately there are a lot of shoddy adapters and CF cards out there. That's why I sound like a broken record always pointing people to those 3 or 4 adapters and the well known CF manufacturers versus the cheap eBay stuff.

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