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Thread: Standby help!

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    OK so i know that my cold boot is slow so i wanna jus start off with standby.... Only problem is that standby dosent shut down my CPU fan.Also when comming back from standby i get stuck at the profile log in screen and have to select admin profile.Also i cant get it to come off stand by with the touch screen.I have no other profiles on Xp.

    Here are some specs.

    Tiny Xp plat 2
    Epia M10000
    LILLY 7" touch
    4GB Dane elec 133/ CF card

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    OK so after rewording my search i seem to found some answers.Thanks

    But i still need to resume from touch to work i have the box checked but now luck.

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    Shutting down the cpu fan is in the bios.

    In the Energie icon in the config screen there is a check thats says "ask for a pasword"
    (my xp is in dutch so yours could be different). Uncheck that and it should work.

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