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Thread: Remove 800x600 video profile from XP for good?

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    Remove 800x600 video profile from XP for good?

    Is there a way to remove the 800x600 portion of the driver with XP?

    My el cheapo chinese monitor blew up its 800x600 support some years ago, so I have been using 640x480 and 1024x768.

    Well I am updating to a C2D setup, and XP keeps trying to force 800x600 to this screen. I keep selecting 1024x768 and on the next reboot the XP logo shows with the horizontal bars, then the monitor flashes no signal and turns off. Then I need to either pull out my spare CRT to the trunk, or haul it to the basement CRT to get it back.

    So basically I want to remove 800x600 support from XP. Doable?
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    Im sure youve already thought of this, but just incase im thinking Powerstrip may be able to do something like that by editing the monitor info, to appear as if it only has that as an output option. ive only ever used it once, so not 100% sure how to, maybe worth a bash tho.

    Had a similar problem with the hertz, and had to put it back to an external monitor in the house to resolve it. Its annoying !
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    Disclaimer : this may not work and may possibly screw up your system. !!!!!!

    Still reading?

    OK here goes then.

    In the windows directory there should be a inf folder (it is normally hidden) in here are a whole load of inf files, you need to find the ones that are for your video card, it may take some figuring out but you can look at the properties of your card to help.

    One of those inf files will have a list of supported modes.

    1. backup this file.
    2. remove the modes you want.
    3. reboot
    4. pray
    5 if it works I bow and say thank you, if it doesn't I'll not to try it in future.


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