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Thread: Full XP Install

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    Full XP Install

    If no stripping was done of XP, but all non essential services were disabled, wud the performance still be same as a Nlite install for people that don'thave any space issues? im still going to use nlite and apply the tweaks im just going to try without removing components
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    I have not seen any comparisons of the performance gained by disabling services vs. removing components before installation. My opinion is that removing non-essential components from the OS before installation using a program like nLite is far more effective than just disabling services. You can always use MS Virtual PC or VMware to test your nLite-ened XP image before you deploy it to your hardware to make sure you haven't removed anything that you really need.

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    Having used both, I can tell you that a stripped out version runs much faster than a full installation with services installed.

    The general performance increase is slight yet noticebale, but the big difference is bootup and shut down times. With my striped out version of xp, I was getting boot-up of abotu 12 seconds and got it down to 9 seconds at one stage, but can;t figure out what I did :s
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